Larry's Bluegrass Festival Pics

Created 09/24/2000. Grey Fox 2000 People and the Rain, pics by Larry 2000.
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Grey Fox 2000 (07/13-16/2000)
Sunny Friday and Noon Saturday Grey Fox 2000 PaR Page 1
Playing in the Rain Grey Fox 2000 PaR Page 2
More Playing in the Rain Grey Fox 2000 PaR Page 3
After the Storm, Sunday Grey Fox 2000 PaR Page 4
After Noon on Sunday Ralph and Natalie Grey Fox 2000 PaR Page 5
Enjoying Natalie and after the show Grey Fox 2000 PaR Page 6

The Rain was dubbed Hurricane Bub, the Button Booth made up many of the buttons shown at the top of the page, they had a good sale day on Sunday. It rained on Friday a bit, and according to the weather forecast, the type of rain we got on Friday was what we expected on Saturday. It started raining Saturday at 1AM and it didn't stop raining until 9:30PM, straight through for over 20 hours! Just when we thought it couldn't rain any heavier, it did! There were a few times in the mid afternoon that it was raining so heavily, the water was coming UP through the ground. We were camped as close to the stage as campers were allowed, and heard the music loud and clear. Most of the time. The rain was so heavy at times, we couldn't even hear each other, and couldn't hear the music over the rain. Even after it stopped raining around 9:30PM, there was still a heavy cloud covering. When the Moon showed out from behind a cloud around 9:40PM, EVERYONE HOWLED, at the same time, almost as if on cue, but we all acted independently. The forecast called for 50% rain on Sunday, but we were fortunate. We saw no more rain. The sky was mostly clear and the sun was shining, yet the mud didn't dry up enough to get around safely until mid afternoon. I left at 7PM, managed to make it all the way off the top, and down the mountain. I turned right, back to where I came in on Thursday, but left was the right way out! I got stuck in the mud just a few feet from dry land and my way out. Don't know how I did it, but I managed to rock the car enough to get onto the grass and find a path back out to where I should have exited. Grey Fox 2000 was certainly a Festival to remember! I just have to remember to buy some good mud boots for next year!

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